great outfit, kiddo! [81.365]

Maddy picked out quite the outfit: polkadots, checks, stripes, and ALL the colors!

Saturday was a great day, and somehow this is the only picture I took. Oh well! M picked out quite the outfit – stripes, checks, and polkadots, and ALL the colors. Nobody could ever doubt whether we let her dress herself, ha.

We went over to the house of one of M’s school-friends, and it was such a great experience. I’d talked to the mom a couple of times, and finally got brave and emailed her, and we thought it’d be fun to get our whole families together (they’re a family of 3 as well), so we did. We all got along SO well – the girls, and the parents! I’m really hopeful that this can become a good family-friendship for us. We’re planning to have them over to our house soon. They only live 1.5 miles away, so on a nice day, we can walk to each others’ houses…but we’re still waiting on those nice days. Come on, Spring!


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