9 years ago today. [79.365]

9 years ago today. #tbt #weddinganniversary

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Since it’s also a Thursday, I went hunting for photos from our wedding, but then remembered that there really aren’t any. This will forever be something I’m sad about (I have similar feelings about our inability to get “real” photos taken of M when she was a newborn). We just had our family members take pictures with their digital cameras, because we were broke college students (my dress cost $25! we got married in my parents’ parlor! my dad’s dad officiated! friends of the family made our cake and the soup that we had at our reception! total cost, including travel to MN = less than $1k). A photographer wasn’t really in the budget. But we didn’t do a good job of “directing” said family members, so nobody ever took a photo of just the two of us together (I cropped this one out of a much bigger photo, hence the blurriness). And then, shortly after most of the family had sent me the photos they’d taken, I had a catastrophic hard drive failure, and I lost everything I hadn’t yet processed and posted to the photo service I used at the time (Photobucket), which was most of the photos.

It is what it is, but it’s not something we can really get a “do-over” on. C’est la vie.

9 years ago today, we got married in a lovely little ceremony in front of both our families, on the Spring Equinox. There had been a blizzard the day before, but the day of our wedding was sunny and beautiful. We both wore green, and we had daffodils decorating my parents’ parlor, as well as our cake. It was a small, inexpensive, family-centered event, which was perfectly right for us.

8 weeks later, we adopted Ren and Stimpy, who were 8 weeks old at the time, so we decided that their birthday was our wedding date. So today, we are celebrating the Spring Equinox (M’s getting a few little presents this evening), our anniversary (we’re not doing much of anything, alas…too tired and broke), and our kitties’ 9th birthday. Happy day, everyone!


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