alphabet soup. [77.365]


I was awarded a TAR (“Teaching As Research”) fellowship by our university’s CIRTL (“Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning”) program, as part of an NSF (“National Science Foundation”) grant, to use my writing classes as a case study for supporting STEM (“Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math”) students in a freshman-level WAC (“Writing Across the Curriculum”) course.

TAR, CIRTL, NSF, STEM, WAC – I’m swimming in an alphabet soup, y’all.

It’s our CIRTL’s first year running a TAR Fellows program, so we’re all a bunch of guinea pigs. We had our second meeting with our mentors yesterday, and we all got these little notebooks, and then talked about how to get started doing pedagogical research. I’m super excited about this opportunity because this is the kind of research I’m finding I care most about. I’m an educator through-and-through. My mentor (who is very nice) seems to think I’m awesome, which makes me feel even better :)

(Yeah, I’m using a notebook I got yesterday as today’s photo. Teaching days leave me a bit uninspired on the photo-taking front!)


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