snuggling. [75.365]

Snuggling while daddy runs the vacuum (it scares her).

Snapped this while comforting M, who was scared because A was running the vacuum, cleaning up the pieces of M’s “big girl bed” before we put it together. We were sitting in a sunbeam and it was just lovely.

So, today we built M’s “big girl bed” (which is her crib, which she never used and which has been in pieces underneath our bed, but with one of the sides gone – I’ll get a picture of it at some point to share). She’s been asking about it for weeks, so we decided to just do it. Here’s hoping she sleeps well in it tonight – I’m a little nervous, but she was SO happy to have her big-girl bed, so hopefully it will work out. She’s been sleeping on a Montessori-style floor bed (just a crib mattress on the floor – the idea is to make it possible for the young child to be able to get themselves in and out of bed), and her big-girl bed is actually quite low to the floor, so it’s not that different. But we’ll be able to store some things underneath it now, which will help given how tiny her closet-room is.

This morning we helped out with a Book Fair for M’s school at Barnes & Noble. It was so nice to spend time with the other families from M’s Montessori school. We found out that one of the families lives literally 2 blocks away, and we’re hoping to spend some time with them as the weather gets warmer and we can go on neighborhood walks and such.

I am trying not to panic about being back to the regular schedule this week. Not that my Spring Break was very much fun, being filled as it was with miserable sickness and crazy blizzards, but I did get used to being around A & M a lot more than I usually am, and I didn’t actually get to do much work, so my head’s a little out of that space. Here’s hoping I get back into it ok.


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