march maddy-ness. [74.365]

march "maddyness"

Yesterday, Madrigal brought her monsters out of her room and said “mama, take my picture with my monsters!” We never got a February photo because she was too squirrely all of the times we attempted one, and here she was volunteering! I didn’t have time to set up the tripod, so it could be more in-focus, but hey, I’ll take it.

Oh, my sweet girl. These last few months have been so much. Your verbal skills have just blown us away – during the time when mama was teaching her unit on grammatical development, you developed quite a bit yourself! Your sentences are getting so complex. It’s so wonderful to have that window into your creative little mind. You have such a vivid imagination, love, so vivid that it scares you sometimes. Mama knows all about what that’s like. I hope I can help you learn to manage it, sweet pea. Maybe you’ll write lots of stories, like mama did when she was little. Or draw lots of pictures.

You LOVE books. Seriously, if left to your own devices, you’d do nothing but have people read books to you all day long. You really like to read “Horton Hears a Who”, but it’s caused you to develop a fear of monkeys coming to take you away. We won’t let that happen, sweetheart!

You say “ow” anytime something doesn’t go the way you want it to. As if it’s literally hurting you! It’s funny, but kind of annoying because we do want to know if you’re *actually* being hurt. You’ve also started being really interested in your name. You say “My name is Madrigal Watts” and it sounds so cute – you say it like “Madidal”. Sometimes you say “Madrigal Alice”. And sometimes you insist that you’re “just Maddy!”

You’re still so very into music. Your favorite music is still Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” album, followed by Fleet Foxes. You’re also partial to the Beatles (“Revolver” and “Abbey Road”, specifically). You request these albums by name. You seem to like REM quite a bit, too. You call anything we put on TV “music” (which you pronounce like “yeezik”), even if it’s a Planet Earth dvd. You also love watching Tiny Desk Concerts with mama. You love singing with mama, and you know so many songs! You always want to sing “Happy Birthday” to somebody, and you want “Mary had a little lamb” to be “Maddy had a little lamb”, so that’s how we sing it.

You’ve gotten SO big. I don’t know how tall you are these days, because you never hold still, but we do know that you’re over 32 pounds now. You are such a strong, sturdy girl. (I told you this, today, and you said, “No, mama, I’m not dirty!”). Mama’s (not-so-)little ball of muscle. We picked up a few spring clothes for you yesterday, and for some of them, we needed to get 4T size! This blows my mind, given that you’re only 28 months old.

You are so perceptive and you feel things so intensely, both good and bad. You can tell when mama is feeling sad, and you are so sweet about giving hugs and love. You are the snuggliest kiddo, and you love sitting with mama, just pressing your cheek against mama’s cheek. You give the best hugs these days. And the way you say “I love you” – it is just pure sweetness and it makes mama’s heart melt.

We had a rough week last week, and you were very sick, and then mama was very sick, and then daddy was very sick, and I think seeing mama and daddy being so sick really scared you. You were so worried about us. We made it through, though, kiddo, and we’re all going to be ok.

We stopped nursing this week. Mama just couldn’t, while she was so sick, and by the time I got better enough that I could’ve, I’d decided I was ready to be done. You’re just getting so big, and it’s been (physically) uncomfortable to nurse you for a couple of months now. It’s also meant having to refuse certain medications that could’ve helped me feel better in these last few months, and that didn’t make sense anymore. So for mama, it was time. You are handling it so, so well. You drink cow milk from your cup while we rock together and it’s almost the same. Mama cried about it a few nights ago – you’re not my little baby anymore! – but it’s right, and we’re still as close as ever.

2 thoughts on “march maddy-ness. [74.365]

  1. Love your Monster-tradition. I still remember the first picture when she was a little baby girl.
    Hope you all are feeling better now. You’ve been in my thoughts the last days.
    *Hugs*, dear friend.

    • Thank you so much, J! It’s amazing to compare that first picture to the one from yesterday. We are all feeling a lot better (the grown-ups, at least, are still very tired, though).

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