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snow day #2. [72.365]

my winter baby :)

Of course, after exhausting ourselves shoveling out our driveway last night, at 5:30am we got the call that M’s school was cancelled again. I’m sure it was the right call – the streets were still a MESS today. The official total snowfall was “only” something like 15 inches, but on our street the drifts were a good 2.5 feet deep and it was just nuts.

If you follow me on twitter (I’m zigeunerweisen there too, if you don’t and you want to), you know I’m having a terribly hard time coping with my entire Spring Break being lost to sickness and snow days. I’m just an exhausted, burnt-out, panicking, randomly-sobbing mess. But let’s focus on the good things about today:

1. We made cookies. Oatmeal date cookies. M even helped out! Because when you’re stuck at home and can’t get work done and you have all of the ingredients, why not?

2. M told me she loved me a lot. Over and over. This makes me happy, not just because it’s so nice to hear, but also because it tells me that she’s hearing us say “I love you” a lot, and talk about loving each other a lot, and that is so good. I don’t want her to ever doubt whether we love her and I think if she hears it many times, every day, that’ll be hard to do!

3. It was beautifully sunny today. It looked really incongruous, because it was mid-MARCH sunshine and blue skies, which looks different from say, mid-February sunshine and blue-skies, so I kept thinking it was warm outside, but no. The high was like, 15 degrees today. BRRRR.

4. But despite that, since we were feeling very stir-crazy, we bundled up and went for a short walk in our neighborhood. Thank goodness for the sidewalk plows. M kept trying to climb the snowbanks, which were taller than she was in most places:

trying to climb the snowbank.

Tomorrow, I might actually get to have the house to myself to work (and, let’s be honest: after the week I’ve had, I’m kind of scrapping the “get lots done on my dissertation!” plan for “get what I have to get done for next week’s classes and let myself have some time to cry and rest and whatever I need to not have a nervous breakdown in front of my students” – I’ll figure out how to catch up on the diss once I’m not sobbing at the drop of a hat).

Here’s hoping.

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