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snow day. [71.365]

Watching the snow fall.

We were all stuck at home today because of a blizzard. SO MUCH SNOW. We had a terrible night last night – M was being absolutely psycho all night, so I didn’t get any sleep. Like, at all. So now that’s 3 of the last 6 nights where I’ve not slept. Funtimes.

We think she was having nightmares – she told A tonight that she wanted her nightlight so that “monkeys don’t come take Maddy away”. Poor baby! As soon as A told me this, I figured it must be from reading “Horton Hears a Who”. M loves that book, and wants to read it almost every night, but it’s pretty darn dark for a toddler (Horton gets tied up and whipped and mauled!), and it has those evil monkeys, the Wickersham brothers. I can’t imagine where ELSE she’s gotten the idea that monkeys might come take her away. Poor bug.

I really, really hope she sleeps tonight, because I just shoveled half our driveway by myself (A’s doing the other half), and the snow was mid-thigh deep on me (~2.5ft), and OMG, I need rest like crazy. I was an idiot and didn’t take my wedding band off while I was shoveling (which is extra bad because we have to carry each shovelful to our backyard, because there’s no space on the side of the driveway), so now I have a nice under-ring bruise to match my IV bruise, and that right there tells you the sort of week I’ve had, I guess, eh?

Please let tomorrow be a better day.

4 thoughts on “snow day. [71.365]”

    1. I do (I’m seriously starting to crack up a little – like, randomly sobbing sort of cracking up), but alas, M’s school is cancelled again today because of the snow (so all that energy I spent shoveling last night was wasted, and I’ll get at most one half-day to myself out of what should have been nearly 5 full days of break).

    1. Nope, alas, today finds me wrangling with a very energetic toddler who is mad that she can’t go to school (the district cancelled school for a second day because it was taking too long to remove the snow). I honestly don’t know what to do, because there’s not really any way for me to “make up” this break – I have to go right back to regular teaching schedule next week and make-up for the diss work I was supposed to get done over break while I’m at it. It just feels hopeless.

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