too much. [70.365]

So tired I can barely hold my head up.

This semester has just been stupid-hard: bronchitis, pneumonia, two different stomach bugs that have required trips to the hospital, sick kiddo, sick spouse, snow/cold days at kiddo’s school…it’s just too much when I’m trying to teach two classes and finish a dissertation. I’m utterly beat, and this is my “Spring Break”, and I’m trying to play catch-up but I just want to cry. And sleep. And eat normal food again without bad things happening. But mostly cry, because I’m so tired and I keep trying and keep getting knocked back, over and over and over.

I’m trying to stay positive – talking to folks on Twitter today really helped me keep from sinking too far. Seriously, I love y’all! And I ended up taking a nap at 4pm because I just couldn’t even focus my eyes anymore. Everything’s just been nonstop overwhelming and I’m starting to get really fried – and we just learned that M’s school is cancelled tomorrow because of an impending snowstorm that is going to be pretty epic and yeah, this Spring Break, the one where I was going to be able to work at home, with the house to myself, and make some solid progress on my dissertation? It’s a total fiasco now between the sickness and the snow day and I’m just frustrated. So frustrated.

Please let up, universe?

3 thoughts on “too much. [70.365]”

  1. Huge hugs, Whitney. It is so frustrating having the time you’ve carefully budgeted for work taken away by forces of nature. I hope you’re able to get a little rest so that you’re healthy again when you get another chance to get some work done.

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