monster crackers. [69.365]

<div align="center".Maddy calls them "monster crackers" and now I can't stop calling them that!

Maddy calls these “monster crackers”, and now I can’t stop calling them that, too. It cracks me up. These say they’re for “soups and snacks”, but for me today, they’ve taken on “meal” status. If you can call a handful of them a meal. Oh, my poor, poor guts.

I am ridiculously tired today, given that I didn’t sleep Thursday night because I was taking care of M while she puked the whole night, then didn’t sleep Saturday night because *I* was puking the whole night, and then didn’t get home until midnight last night and had to help A out once I did. And today I was trying to play nurse in addition to being a work-at-home-mama to M today (she’s got to stay home from school today because of the stomach bug – tomorrow she’ll be cleared to go back, thank goodness!) and OMG, it nearly killed me. M was being pretty needy/difficult today, and I just tried to keep reminding myself that she’s had a rough few days, too. But oh, it was hard. I had no energy and hit a wall at about 4pm. Thankfully A was much less poorly off than I was (partly because I shared my anti-emetic meds with him last night after I got home from the ER, partly because he doesn’t have my screwed up immune system), so after sleeping for a little over half the day, he was able to take a little of the heat off me and read to her so that I could rest on the couch a little (and, um, hang out in the bathroom for awhile. Oh, my poor guts.)

Days at home are really weird when you don’t even have regular mealtimes to give them structure. Plus my internal clock is all screwed up thanks to the all-night-pukefests, being in the ER until midnight last night, plus daylight savings. I have no flipping clue what time it is or what should be happening at that time, and I am really not sure when I’ll be able to eat a normal meal again given what a disaster my one attempt at non-crackers (which was ginger rice noodles, supposedly tummy-friendly food!) ended up being.

Oh, life. You can get easier ANY time now. Any time. Really. Please?