at the ER. [68.365]

IV fluid time.

So yeah, turns out that if you puke for 27 hours straight, you get extremely dehydrated. Getting myself to the ER turned out to be quite difficult, given that just as I was realizing I needed to go, A started feeling “not so good”. I knew exactly what that meant, having started down that path the previous day, and I felt terrible leaving him by himself with M. But we found a friend to drive me, and some friends to help him out at home with M, so it ended up ok. I mean, as ok as this stuff ever does. Having your whole family hit one-by-one with the stomach bug from hell is pretty awful. (A’s not quite as poorly off as I was, though, because I shared my anti-nausea meds with him last night. Still needs help with stuff, though, and it’s no fun to play nurse plus mama when you were in the ER the previous night!)

I ended up staying until almost midnight. I needed several bags of fluids, plus a bunch of anti-nausea drugs before they were ok with sending me home.

You know what else you get after puking for 27 hours? Really sore abs. That’s a workout I definitely DON’T recommend, ha.


6 thoughts on “at the ER. [68.365]

    • Thank you! I’m a little (but not a lot) better today, and here’s hoping tomorrow’s a lot easier, because the kiddo will be back in school. Love her to bits but boy, she doesn’t make recovery any easier!

    • Thank you so much. We’re all doing at least a little better this evening, and hopefully the trend will continue (I’m doing the least amount better, sadly, but that’s not unusual given my messed-up immune system). The hugs are SO very appreciated!

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