what a day. [66.365]

So happy to be outside!

I ended up taking a boatload of pictures today, because I was unexpectedly home with M all day after an all-night-long pukefest. My poor bug! She was SO confused last night – the first time it happened, when I went to help her, she said to me in the most pathetic, confused voice: “I made a mess? Out my mouth?” Yes, kiddo, you did. Poor thing. And it definitely wasn’t the last time. We ended up running out of blankets and pajamas (doing several loads of laundry throughout the night), but discovered that she puked less if I held her in the rocker and let her sleep with her head on my shoulder than if we laid her down. So that was fun. I got less than 2 hours of sleep and poor M had a terrible night, too. All this after I’d said to A, before we picked her up from school, that I was going to try to go to bed early so that I could rest and recover from this nasty chest cold I’ve picked up (probably thanks to M sneezing directly into my mouth last weekend – toddlers, man!). This is the first I’ve managed to be on a computer rather than my phone all day long – and I had been planning to be super productive today.

So today was rough. There were some great moments, though. We took a little adventure outside, which was really nice – it was over 40 and sunny and it was just so great to get outside, we’ve been so stir crazy!

We went out for a walk!

I also got her to try on the sweater I made for her (which had been blocking/drying down in the basement, and got brought up during one of the 5 loads of laundry we did):

Eating fruit snacks in her new sweater

And I was wearing my Cobblestone today, so we took some cutesy matchy-matchy selfies:

Me and my girl and our matchy sweaters.

But mostly, there was a lot of this:

Poor bug. She's back to feeling awful.

My poor bug! Here’s hoping tomorrow is better all around.


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