finished! [61.365]

cap sleeves with i-cord finish

I finished M’s sweater today, in addition the the usual Sunday activities: baking a loaf of honey flax bread for my lunches during the week, baking a batch of scones for A’s breakfasts, cooking up a batch of black bean/sweet potato/onion/sriracha to serve with cheese over farro for my breakfasts…Sundays have always been pretty major “food prep” days for the week ahead.

Here you can see the whole thing:

things i make for maddy.

I tried it on M before blocking it, and it’s too big, but too big is much better than too small when it comes to sweaters-for-toddlers. She’ll grow into it. I ended up making cap-sleeves because I didn’t have enough of the gorgeous yarn to make long sleeves. The yarn was a GMDS gift way back when and it is just so beautiful! I have grand plans to write this design up as a pattern, and to knit another sample that DOES have sleeves (maybe in Cascade Eco Wool?), but who knows when I’ll get around to it.

While I had the camera out, M came to check it out, and I got a VERY close-up shot of those gorgeous brown eyes of hers:

those brown eyes!

(and her crusty/snotty face, but hey, it’s winter and she’s a toddler!) I still can’t figure out how she ended up with eyes darker than mine or A’s!


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