maddy’s sweater, humming along.

Take 3 of the current Maddy-sweater is working out nicely, though I think I actually OVER-estimated on the size this time around. Still, oversized is better than under-sized, so I’ll take it!

maddy-sweater in progress

I described my plans for knitting this in my last post, but now you can hopefully see what I was talking about! I knit this top-down, flat, with a split at the front neck. Once I got to the end of the yoke, I held the stitches for each shoulder on waste yarn to add sleeves (or an i-cord edging) later. I cast on 8 stitches for each underarm, and then joined the whole thing and knit around, maintaining 8 garter stitches on either side. Once I got to a good length, I split the sweater again for a vented hem, and knit the back hem in garter stitch. For the front, I continued in stockinette for awhile, and then switched to garter and began creating a kangaroo pocket shape using decreases on either side – once this was done, I simply folded it up against the body and I had a pocket!

pocket, joined.

I joined the pocket to the body by starting a 2-stitch i-cord bind-off on the top of the pocket, picking up the bar running behind each stitch from the central body stitches and knitting it together with the first i-cord stitch and then ssking the second i-cord stitch with the next stitch of the pocket. (Um, I promise I’ll make that make more sense when I actually write this as a pattern!) It made for a very lovely finish!

Then I continued the i-cord down along the edge of the pocket (where I’d left a sl1, k1 selvedge), and joined the side of the pocket to the edge of the front hem vent using the i-cord. So now the pocket is “sealed” on the sides, and there’s a continuous kangaroo pocket along the entire base of the pullover, just like I wanted!

i-cord edging

I’m now continuing the i-cord along the base of the pocket, picking up one stitch from the purl bumps on the backside of the last row of stockinette on the body with one i-cord stitch, and one stitch from the first “ridge” of garter stitch from the front of the pocket with the second i-cord stitch. What this is doing is creating a nice firm “base” for the pocket…and it’s also letting me carry the i-cord across to “seal up” the other side of the pocket.

i-cord edging

It’s slow-going, but it’s going to be a beautiful sweater once it’s all finished! After I finish the i-cord on the front pocket, I’ll need to finish off the back hem vent with i-cord, too. And then I have to make a decision: I really wanted this to be a long-sleeved pullover for M, but I did intend for a “cap-sleeve” option when I wrote up the pattern. The thing is – I’m going to run out of yarn. I just won’t have enough to make sleeves. So I could go ahead and make this a cap-sleeved pullover, and just edge the arm openings in i-cord (I’ll have enough for that!). But…I wanted it to be a long-sleeved pullover! I’d have to buy another skein (the two skeins I had were a gift!), and I just don’t know if I can justify spending the $$ right now when a cap-sleeve option is totally doable. I’m not even sure if I ever wrote down the colorway for these skeins, so I’m not sure whether I could match it (I know it’s Fleece Artist BFL Aran, but I don’t know which of their colors it is…maybe Topaz? Or Polar Sea?) Decisions, decisions.


But I’ve got plenty more i-cord to make before I have to decide, I suppose!

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