sweater-in-progress. [53.365]

folded kangaroo pocket.

I actually worked most of today (boo!) but I did get a little bit of time to take pictures of M’s sweater-in-progress, and later in the day I got to start working on the i-cord edging. I’m so delighted with how this sweater is turning out. It’s definitely going to be on the “oversized” side of things for M, but given that I’ll be finishing it in February, that’s not so bad – hopefully it’ll fit her next winter, too. I’m hoping to write this up as a pattern and put it out before next Fall. We’ll see how that goes…I have quite a backlog of projects waiting to be written up as patterns at this point, since I’ve not put out a pattern since M was born!

Today is my dad’s 55th birthday. When I told M that last night, she begged me to make a video of us singing “Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa”, so we did, and I texted it to him, and it made his day. Aww!

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