it’s friday and i’m exhausted. [52.365]

It's Friday and I'm exhausted.

Wasn’t my most productive workday ever – it’s hard to be productive when you have “I’m so tired I’m so tired I want to sleep I’m so tired” banging around inside your skull on repeat all day. I mean that literally – every time I tried to think clearly (to prep my lectures, etc) I felt like I had to push through a nonstop chorus of my brain crying out in exhaustion.

Here’s hoping next week, when I’m not coming off of a terrible stomach bug, is a little easier to drag my busted self through than this one was.


2 thoughts on “it’s friday and i’m exhausted. [52.365]

  1. bookgrl

    Oh, I haaaate the stage of tired. I know the feeling – you’re literally just thinking, “I’m so tired!” I’m almost there…I’m hoping that with M & H getting better (fingers crossed…) that I’ll be able to get some rest soon. I hope you got some rest yourself!

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