hello from the couch. [46.365]

Hello from the couch, which is a slight improvement over the bed. 2014, are you ever going to let me be healthy?

The couch was a slight improvement over the bed, where I was stuck for several days! Yesterday was all about trying to just get some fuel in me so I could start getting my strength back. I wasn’t feeling up to my usual “Cheap Chocolate Day!” (which is what A & I usually celebrate, the day after Valentine’s Day), but I did eat some Cheerios, some tofu, and some apples with peanut butter. Not a LOT, but it’s a start!

My hair gets seriously yucky when I can’t wash it regularly and when I’m stuck with my head on a pillow for several days in a row. But whatever, I have no shame. (Well, I have a *little* shame, hence the B&W rather than full-color photo!)

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