snuggling with grandma. [45.365]

Snuggling with grandma

Very low-key/non-existent Valentine’s Day here. So glad that my MIL is visiting us this weekend – there is no way we could have managed things with how sick I’ve been. M has been so happy to spend time with her grandma!

My Valentine’s Day was celebrated with a trip to the doctor’s office, where I nearly fainted walking in, so they popped me in a chair and didn’t let me move under my own power after that – I got to ride in a golf cart through the hospital! So, it turns out that when you have a stomach virus that keeps you from keeping anything in you for damn near 4 days, you end up with frightening low blood pressure and some serious dehydration.

I’m doing better now (two days later – I’m behind on my posts) but boy, it was rough, and it made me seriously wonder how people who live alone get by when they’re sick – I was so weak I couldn’t stand up without help, you know? What would I’ve done without A? (And what would *I* do if A ever got this sick, given that he weighs 1.5x what I do and I could never help him stand the way he can help me?)

So grateful for my wonderful spouse.

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