making bread. [40.365]

measuring honey.

Every Sunday, I make a loaf of honey flax bread in our Pullman pan, to use for my PB&J sandwiches throughout the week. It’s very yummy.

Today was a rough day. M wasn’t feeling well (upset tummy), and so was very cranky/clingy, and A and I were just snapping at each other the whole day. We’re all worn so thin. A’s helping me with one of my dissertation projects (not because he’s my husband – it’s actually part of his job to help grad students in the department with programming projects), and, well, collaborating professionally with one’s spouse when both members of the partnership are tired and stressed out and overwhelmed both at work and at home is just…not good. Today the overwhelmingness of everything I need to do over these next couple of months hit me like a ton of bricks and I cried a lot. Teaching two classes and dissertating while not having full-time child care is just…kind of insane, really. I need to be gentler with myself when it gets overwhelming. It’s not weak to feel overwhelmed by that.

At least I have yummy bread to eat.

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