maddy’s sweater, take 3

After knitting most of the body on M’s sweater, even past the point where I joined the top of the kangaroo pocket, I realized that I’d cast on the wrong number of stitches, and would have to rip it out. Again. So I did.

And then I had an epiphany about the design, and realized that it would work even better top-down. So this is what I did today:

yoke and yarn

I was able to do the i-cord cast on and knit through the short-rowed section (which raises the back neck) while M napped this afternoon. I am still just madly in love with this yarn, and so eager to watch this sweater take shape.

Maddy's sweater, take 3

The yoke is split at the front (sort of a henley-style placket, but I’m not planning to add buttons or a zipper), so as to make this an “easy-over-the-head” sweater. I’ll knit down to the underarms, then hold the upper sleeve stitches on waste yarn and cast on some extra stitches to knit down the rest of the body in stockinette – I’ll be joining to knit in the round at that point. Then, when I reach the bottom, I plan to split it again at the sides (for my split hem), and create the pocket by continuing to knit down past the bottom hem in front, and folding it back up, sealing everything up with i-cord. Going top-down will make it easier for me to have an option in the pattern I’m planning to write for a version without sleeves – you can either pick up the stitches held at the bottom of the yoke and knit a sleeve down, or you can pick them up and bind them off in i-cord to create a cap-sleeved pullover/vest thing. I promise, it works in my head.

yoke in progress

I’m actually a little bit further than this, now – but it’s too dark to take another picture! Here’s hoping that the 3rd time’s a charm with this sweater – I don’t relish the thought of ripping AGAIN!

On a totally different note – I’m trying to decide whether to submit some designs to Wool People again (they sent out a call to Wool People alum yesterday). I really want to – I have ideas aplenty, after all – but I need to make sure I’m being realistic about the time commitment involved. The last thing I want to do is make a commitment I can’t actually keep (without breaking myself); I came closer to doing that than I liked the first time around (between my first trimester of pregnancy and the shock and grief of losing my nephew, that time was…not a good time for me). We’ll see, we’ll see.

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