workin’ [37.365]


My workdays are pretty darn boring from a photography perspective. So, here’s a photo for today: me, after teaching two classes and having 1.5hrs of well-attended office hours. Blackboard (oh how I loathe it!) in the background. Typical Thursday afternoon. I’m wiped OUT, y’all. My classes are running smoothly, and I actually AM finding ways to carve out some space for dissertation work (maybe not enough, but it’s a start), but I’m still feeling the effects of starting this semester very sick, and wondering when I’m *ever* going to feel good again.

Funny thing, today: in my writing class, we were talking about a paper that was published in 1983 and I mentioned that was the year I was born, and my students were all “NO WAY!! You CANNOT be 30!” Ha! Oh, kiddos, you flatter me, but while I’ve generally always looked young for my age, in the last year or so I’ve been feeling like that’s not as true – not that I look old, just that I actually do look my age now. Dark circles under the eyes, gaunt cheeks – motherhood’s aged me, I think!


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