snuggling in the big bed. [36.365]

me and my girl :)

Ok, so this is an objectively crappy photo, but I just love how happy M looks in it! We had a bit of a rough day – we actually DID get snow (unlike some previous storms where it was predicted but never materialized), and M’s school got cancelled early, and the roads were horrible, and A had a dentist appointment so I was solo with M for quite awhile this afternoon when I actually should’ve been able to work (normally A handles the pickup on Wednesdays), and I’m still feeling exhausted and run down, and dinner was kind of a disaster, and yada yada…

….BUT: I actually had a really good time hanging out with my sweet girl this afternoon. She was so smiley and snuggly today! She asked if we could “snuggle in the big bed” and of course I obliged :) She told me how much she “loves her friends”, and about all the things they did at school today (they got to go out and get snow to put in their sensory bins!), and OMG, it still kind of blows my mind that I am the mother of a child with whom I can have an actual conversation now! Seriously, this is awesome. While I was doing dishes, she noticed some water on the floor that we’d tracked in as snow, and told me she was going to get a towel, and she did, and she wiped it up all by herself. I am just amazed at this kid. I am so damn lucky to have her.

3 thoughts on “snuggling in the big bed. [36.365]”

  1. It’s such a crazy thing once kids become conversational. They suddenly become infinitely cooler and more fun to have around. Enjoy it, momma.

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