the microphone. [35.365]

The microphone.

At least until my respiratory system recovers, I have to wear a microphone when I teach my Language Development class (of about 80 students) – even WITH it, my throat is raw and I’m a bit breathless by the end of 75 minutes. It seriously limits my clothing options, because whatever I’m wearing has to have a pocket that I can clip the receiver to (or at least put the receiver in), and most of my dresses are sadly pocketless. Not this skirt, though! Plus, it’s wool with a really neat mesh lining, so along with my smartwool tights and knee-high socks and Merrell boots, I was plenty warm today.


2 thoughts on “the microphone. [35.365]

  1. Kristen

    I’m giving my first 4h lecture next week and will have to wear a mic – but I have to admit that I’m not looking forward to it! I have made a mental note to wear something with pockets – thank you.

    • One time last semester I needed to use a mic and wasn’t wearing something with pockets, so I had to just *hold* the receiver the whole time, and with the amount that I gesture when I lecture – oy, that was an interesting day!

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