at the doc. [34.365]

At the pediatrician's.

M and I both had doctor’s appointments today. Fortunately, her ear infection actually IS cleared up (yay!), and the pediatrician figured that the fever and ickiness yesterday was just a mild viral thing – she already seems a lot better today. They did a quick strep test while we were there and it came back negative. Thank goodness! It sucks to have had to spend so much money to find out she was fine, but I’m *so* glad that she’s fine.

I had a followup appointment this afternoon. My lungs are clear again, which is a good thing, but I’m still coughing a lot, which is less good – basically the fluid is gone but I’m still really inflamed/irritated, and it’s been exacerbated by post-nasal drip. Funtimes! I didn’t get any meds this time, but am under orders to take the best care of myself I possibly can, sleep propped up, breathe in lots of steam, use lots of cough drops, etc etc. I got a flu shot while I was there (I’ve been so nervous about not having one, but keep not being able to go to the clinics, and they didn’t want to give me it when I came in with pneumonia b/c I had pneumonia!), and also a tdap shot, so now both of my arms are achy. I’m way way better at handling needles these days, though. Go me.

Oh, also: I managed to clip back part of M’s hair, and she pretty much left it alone! Her hair is getting longer all over, and in front it’s finally long enough to get in her eyes, and I really, really, really don’t want to cut those really severe bangs that a lot of folks (including my own mother) give their toddler girls, the ones that go halfway back the head and look like a mullet (GOODNESS, I hated my haircuts when I was little!). I mean, the way M’s hair is growing in is already mullet-like, but I don’t want to make that any worse! I get that it’s a practical haircut for keeping hair out of the eyes, but…no. I’m just waiting for it to all grow out enough so that I can put it in pigtail braids!


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