snuggling with A while M naps [32.365]

Hanging out with A while M naps :)

A and I finally got a chance to watch the Deep Space 9 finale (we’ve been waiting for a time when we had 90 minutes of uninterrupted time together, which…doesn’t happen very often) during M’s nap today. It was very nice. (The finale itself was, well, kinda weird and cheesy, but hey, DS9’s still a great show.) So I figured I’d snap a photo and make it today’s post. (Gosh, looking at this photo, you can tell we’re both exhausted as all get-out.)

Trying to rest as much as I can today in hopes of going into next week healthier than last week.


2 thoughts on “snuggling with A while M naps [32.365]

  1. bookgrl

    OMG, it takes such a massive amount of planning if M & I want to watch a movie or something together. MASSIVE. And it almost never happens. Bah. I hear ya.

    • I know, seriously! We’d been watching an episode each night after she went to bed while we worked on our laptops, and sometimes we’d have to carry one over to the next night or whatever, but when we got to the finale we wanted to watch the WHOLE THING ALL AT ONCE. It had been waiting for us since early OCTOBER. Ha!

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