me and my buddy. [31.365]

me and my buddy

Hah, remember when almost all my photos were of our cats? And now they almost never get their pictures taken. Poor kitties. They’re still photogenic! And cuddly :)

I worked at home today (I’m still feeling super-duper run-down) and took advantage of the daylight hours over lunch by taking pictures of my knitting. While I had the camera out, Stimpy came over to snuggle my face. Aw, buddy, I’m glad we got some cuddles in while M was away! The cats are all (justifiably) terrified of M.

Today didn’t go as I’d hoped. I wanted to bang out a bunch of writing on the diss, but woke up feeling AWFUL again (seriously, am I ever going to be healthy this semester?). I took some cough meds to help, which ended up making me far too foggy brained for diss-writing. So instead, I tried to get myself as far ahead as possible on course prep, because that’s something I can do fairly well even when I only have about half a brain (only because I’ve taught this material before and know it super well, so the work is mostly just semi-mindless Keynote stuff – I’ve done all the hard thinking about it already!) So I’m not as far along on the diss-work as I wanted to be at this point in the semester (I was actually hoping for a full draft by Feb. 1st, but that CLEARLY ain’t gonna happen, seeing as that’s tomorrow!), but c’est la vie. Hopefully next week will be better.

3 thoughts on “me and my buddy. [31.365]”

  1. this is such a sweet shot of the two of you – I hope next week is better and less foggy’ish for you! (meds are great! the side effects? not always great.)

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