maddy sweater, take 2

In my last post, I mentioned that I might rip out the sweater I’d started knitting for M, after rediscovering my sketch from last year and wishing I’d used the construction method I’d originally planned.

So here’s Take 2:

maddy sweater, take 2

This time around, I used split hems, which meant knitting two garter bands flat and then joining them, rather than knitting the garter band in the round. I really like using split hems in general, but especially with garter stitch, which (for me at least) sometimes looks weird when I use it for hems in the round.

Before I joined the bands, I knit a kangaroo pocket – the final row of garter on one of the bands, I actually did KF&B in each stitch (doubling the stitch count), then slipped every other stitch onto waste yarn to hold for the body, then continued on my merry way with a garter-stitch kangaroo pocket. When I did join the garter bands at the hem, I used those held stitches, and they became part of the body, behind the pocket.

maddy sweater, take 2

I’m planning to edge the garter bands with i-cord at the end for a neat finish, and to make space for that at the split (and to accommodate the fact that garter stitch tends to be “wider” than stockinette), when I joined my two bands, I cast on a couple extra stitches between each band, and then decreased them away over the next few rounds. I’m going to keep a small band of garter running up the sides, but nothing like the wide bands I had on the first version of the sweater – I just think that with a garter kangaroo pocket and a garter yoke, I’ll have hit the right amount of garter stitch for the sweater. I do love squishy garter stitch EVER so much, though!

maddy sweater, take 2

I’m really excited about this design, and am thinking about writing it up as a pattern. If I were to do that, I think it’d be nice to collaborate with a yarn company somehow, but I don’t really know how that works, since my only experience doing that (with Wool People) was by invitation – I didn’t seek it out. Any advice?

(Gosh, wouldn’t a garter-centric baby/kid sweater be lovely in SHELTER? I swear I could probably put a whole book together of baby/kid designs in LOFT and SHELTER if I only had the time…)

5 thoughts on “maddy sweater, take 2”

  1. You amaze me with your knitting – I can knit stuff from patterns but I have no understanding of all the techniques required for just making things off the top of my head!

  2. That’s a big gap in the BT pattern line don’t you think? There’s nothing for kids!
    You could always ask BT if they would be interested in your design, esp since you’ve worked with them before.
    I think that would be lovely in Quince and Co. yarn, too, but I don’t know how to get on their design team.
    Never hurts to ask, I suppose!!

    1. I know, right? I am really tempted to get in touch with the BT folks again, Iím just not sure when to do it, because right now Iím very overcommitted (teaching two classes and finishing the diss, yikes!) and adding design deadlines to the mix would just absolutely break me. But this summer, maybe I actually could write up a few patterns!

      (Another reason to be interested in BT for this particular little kids sweater is that it was inspired by the girly version I made for myself of Jaredís Cobblestone design – so it would absolutely ďfitĒ the kind of look they go for.)

      I donít know if Iíve ever had a chance to swatch with the worsted/aran weight Quince & Co, but I bet itíd be lovely!


  3. I like that method of acquiring the necessary stitches for a pocket. It sounds so much better than having to pick up the stitches in question. I am definitely going to keep this in mind for the next time I have such a situation.

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