every morning. [29.365]

every morning.

Every morning, I prep diapers for M to take to school. We just use prefolds laid flat inside of Thirsties covers because they’re cheap and practical, and we’re really lucky that M’s school is enthusiastic about cloth diapering (they’re a Montessori school, so they SHOULD be, of course!) and doesn’t mind that we don’t have fancy-pants all-in-one cloth diapers. They actually used to do prefolds for everyone and washed the cloth in-house, but they don’t anymore. So I just lay the prefolds flat in the covers and stack them up to put in the bag for M and then she brings the dirties home in a wet-bag. Easy peasy.

I’m a weirdo, but I find all of the folding/prepping/etc involved with cloth diapering to be really soothing and meditative. I’ve always liked folding and stacking stuff – I was the laundry-doer in my family ever since I was about 5 and didn’t find it to be much of a “chore”.

6 thoughts on “every morning. [29.365]”

  1. Such a cheerful stack! Right there with ya. I love folding Leo’s clothes; they are so small and sweet and stacking them all neatly gives me a sense of accomplishment.

    1. I love the colors of the diaper covers we have – they’re just so bright and cheery. I’m kinda gonna miss them once M’s potty-trained (we’ll see when that happens – everyone says cloth-diapered kids potty-learn faster because they can feel when they’re wet, but M just *does not care* if she’s sitting in a nasty diaper and is kind of oblivious about the whole process, oy!)

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