post-Target smooches. [27.365]

On a very cold day.

Post-Target smooches

Woke up with a sore throat this AM (seriously, body? I’m still getting over pneumonia and now you’re gonna do this to me?), but tried to be as positive as I could be today despite the less-than-positive start. I ran a very successful writing workshop for an Optics class this morning, and got caught up on grading/paperwork stuff, so go me! Mondays are (usually) my day to pick M up at 3pm, so we went to Joann (to get replacement needles for my sewing machine) and Target (to get freeze-dried edamame and guacamole snack-packs) before went went home. Maddy loves Target! And I love smooching my girl whenever I can :)

Funny thing: today was the first time M ever truly begged for something when we were at Target. She saw a Melissa and Doug stamp set (I think it was butterflies?) and she lit up, and said “Please mama? Maddy want! Maddy want please! Please mama?” It was SO cute. (I know, I’m weird – what parent thinks her kid begging for stuff is cute? But she was so excited and earnest about it!) I’m not sure how I managed to avoid a meltdown at that point (I did not buy it for her), but I convinced her she could have something like it when she was older, and that we were just looking at things, not taking them with us, and that there were more interesting things to look at, and it worked. Aw, sweet kiddo, I love her to bits.

3 thoughts on “post-Target smooches. [27.365]”

  1. Each milestone is charming the first time it is reached. Some are less charming the second…. or third… or one-hundredth. ha! We take pictures of the kids with the toy they want and let them know that we’ll keep it for their birthday/christmas/allowance list. Works like a charm!

    1. Ha, so true – I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m like, “omg, stop begging for things, it’s awful!”

      That’s such a clever strategy – I’ll definitely keep that one in mind for a future “Please mama? Maddy want!” session :)

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