neenerpants. [24.365]

I was working at home today, and Nina was actually NOT hiding under the covers like she usually does, so I took her picture. She’s so pretty.


It was nice to work at my desk upstairs with nice sunlight coming in through the window (my office on campus is windowless). Also nice to be able to take care of laundry while I worked. I’m hoping to make Fridays a work-at-home day this whole semester, and primarily a work-on-dissertation day at that. Today I took stock of what I’d already written and put together a solid plan for what still needs to be written, which was something I really needed to do because I really barely touched it since the middle of last semester when I started crumbling under the craziness of my schedule – and after a couple of months I kinda forgot what I had and hadn’t done. It’s kind of a mess, but I’m working on it.

I’m teaching the same number of classes this semester, but the schedule is less punishing (T/Th rather than MWF, which makes a HUGE difference to me) and now that I’ve taught multiple classes in one semester once already, I have better strategies for managing it – so here’s hoping I can actually get some productive writing done this semester. Gotta defend by August 26th, which is closer than it sounds.

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