leaving work. [21.365]


Waiting in the car while A cleared the snow off. I’m so lucky to have A, he takes such good care of me when I’m not well.

Leaving work.

Taught my two classes for the second time today. My writing class is SUCH a wonderful group of students, I already adore them. The sound wasn’t working during my Language Development class, which stinks, because we were talking about SPEECH PERCEPTION today, which meant I had lots of sounds to play, and, well, the class was a little bit train-wrecky as a result. I mean, the students were good sports, but that makes two classes in a row where things have gone awry (the first class, I cancelled early because of a coughing fit that wouldn’t stop). I promise I’m actually a competent instructor!

I’m so tired. Recovery is slow. And I’m behind because of the holiday yesterday, so I’m catching up while still feeling pretty run down. It’s not a good combo. I’m just so tired.


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