me and my girl [20.365]


It was just the two of us today.

Me and my girl. It's been a LONG day.

It was a LONG day. We had some fun together playing with blocks, and reading books (though this was pretty rough for me, since I’m still not breathing all that great and my voice isn’t totally back, and M insisted on reading OUR ENTIRE LIBRARY). Then M decided she wanted to do puzzles, which was not very fun, because while M is very good at many things, she is really, really bad at puzzles. Like, hilariously bad. I don’t know why she’s so bad at them, her motor skills are otherwise good! But the thing is, she gets frustrated the instant the piece doesn’t fit exactly right, and expresses this by shrieking at the top of her lungs and giving up. This is mighty unpleasant after awhile! I try to encourage her not to give up so quickly, to keep trying, tell her I know she can do it, but usually she insists that I “help”. And yet she wants to keep doing puzzles?

Embarrassing admission: the degree of accomplishment I feel upon completing a 12 piece Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzle is…a little out of line with my age and abilities. I’m all, “Look at me, I finished a puzzle!”, but it’s a puzzle made for TODDLERS, so yeah, self, don’t gloat too much there!

Another funny thing today: we had many chats about how “we don’t yell inside the house, and if we do yell, then we need to go into our room and sit quietly until we calm down” today. Because, you know, puzzles. Anyway, at snacktime, M threw her apple, and I yelled “Maddy, no!”. She proceeded to say: “I sorry. Mama yell. We no yell. Go to room Mama. Calm down. Go Mama. Go to room.” Ha! I got sent to my room by my own toddler. I do try very hard not to yell at her, so I appreciate her keeping me honest, but kiddo: you threw an apple. That ain’t cool either!

I love this kid so much.


3 thoughts on “me and my girl [20.365]

  1. Hah! Our neighbor’s 3 year old put me in a time out the other evening. He wouldn’t let me come out of his bedroom until I said I was sorry. For what, I’ll never know…. :P

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