working. [19.365]

I’m working today.


Since I’m losing my prep day tomorrow (I’ll be home solo w/M, since she doesn’t have school, and that ain’t a recipe for working!), I’m trying to get all my work done today. Here’s hoping that I can get into a regular groove soon that doesn’t involve too many hours working on weekends. I do like spending time with my family, after all.

The one downside to having M at a Montessori school is that it’s a school, not really a “daycare”, and her school keeps the same schedule as the rest of the schools in the district, so when there are school holidays, she’s home with us. They do have “day camp” sometimes (e.g. during the TWO different “spring breaks” that the school district has), which we have to pay separately for, but on Monday, there’s just nothing. We believe very strongly in Montessori education, and M is totally thriving at her school, so it’s worth it, but boy, I’m jealous of the folks whose kids have daycare while they have the day off – the opposite situation kinda sucks.

Sickness report: still coughing, but noticeably less, and so far, zero terrifying coughing jags. I think I’m getting better. Not sure how a full day hanging out with M is going to affect things, though – I’m still really fatigued!

6 thoughts on “working. [19.365]”

  1. Si goes to a more traditional daycare and he’s off tomorrow. Ours follows the federal holidays plus a week in July and the day after Thanksgiving, so not just Montessori!

    1. Interesting! Do you have the day off, too? (You work for the feds, right?)

      We have even more days off because of following the school district schedule rather than just federal holidays, but everyone around here who does regular daycare can send their kid in tomorrow. Weird.

      1. I do, and am a fed, so off but it’s not a fed-only center, so a lot of parents are scrambling (same with Columbus Day and Veterans Day). Aaron’s technically a contractor, so he’s working!

  2. Interesting, E goes to a typical daycare/preschool and H goes to a home daycare and they’re both closed tomorrow. Luckily, I’m off anyway on Mondays, because my work is NOT closed! (This is part of why we chose the days we did for daycare – too many Monday holidays to bother with!)

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