haircut day. [18.365]


Today I got my hair cut.


I’d kinda forgotten I had an appointment, with all of the sickness and whatnot this past week. It was nothing special, just a trim, but with a new student stylist. (I go to an Aveda teaching place and always request students because it’s a lot cheaper, but it can be a bit of a crapshoot). She did a lot of texturizing, which is good for my super-thick hair. We’ll see what it looks like after I wash it tomorrow. This photo isn’t even a good “haircut” photo, because my scarf is covering some of it, but whatever.

The combination of antibiotics and cough meds that I’m on is leaving me with foggy brains and an upset tummy, but it does seem to be helping. Still lots of coughing today, but only one scary coughing jag…so I’ll take it. I’m tired as all get out, though, and have a LOT of work to do under not-so-convenient circumstances (like, you know, being sick, and being solo with M all day on Monday which would normally be a prep-day for me), so tomorrow we’ll be putting up the baby gate at the base of the stairs, and I’ll be working upstairs at my desk most of the day. C’est la vie.

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