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sleepy schmoo. [17.365]

It was a sickly, sleepy day at our house.

sleepy schmoo.

We spent today convalescing, with M alternating snoozing on mama or daddy, while we watched Beatles movies and Planet Earth. We’ve both been taking our meds like champs. I’m really proud of M.

Had a few more scary coughing spells today. The sensation of having fluid in your lungs is just…really freaky, especially when you’re coughing and you get short of breath and your brain gets convinced that you’re drowning or something. I’m pretty miserable.

This is gonna veer into TMI territory here, but one other thing that’s horrible about coughing spells is this: some of you know that I had extreme 4th degree tearing when I had M. Recovering from that sort of childbirth injury isn’t a cakewalk for anybody, but in my case it was complicated by the fact that I’m allergic to anti-inflammatories and also have an autoimmune disorder that (among other things) makes my body do weird things as far as scar-tissue is concerned. So, suffice it to say that my pelvic floor is a bit of a disaster area. Not usually a big deal, but when you’re having 15-minute long gasping coughing spells, guess what happens to the contents of your bladder? These have been a lifesaver for me, but they’re so dang expensive that I only have a couple pairs (haha, they’re basically like grown-up cloth diapers! Seriously, I just have to laugh about all this…except not too much, or else I’ll need more pairs, ha!).

So there’s my daily report from the House of Sick People. Here’s hoping in a few days I’ll have something to talk about besides being sick. And maybe will have the energy to comment on more of y’all’s posts.

6 thoughts on “sleepy schmoo. [17.365]”

  1. Ugh. This is also an unfortunate and unwelcome side effect of violent vomiting during pregnancy #2. Seriously, does being sick really need to be any worse?? I hope you guys are on the mend and that the coughing jags subside soon.

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