OMG, today was a day. [16.365]

Yeah, the post title pretty much says it all. Y’all, today was just TOO MUCH.

Waiting in the car

(That’s me, resting in the car while A ran in to pick up M from school).

So, today. First day of classes for me. My writing class went fine – one of the nice things about a writing class is that you can get them to spend some of their time in class, you know, actually writing, so I didn’t have to do quite so much talking. Seems like a great group of kids! But boy, after that 75 minute class I was wiped out. Because, you know, pneumonia.

I barely ate my lunch (my husband A, while clearing out my lunchbox this evening, says, “here’s how I know you’re sick” while holding up my uneaten chocolates…ha!), then went to teach my second 75 minute class – an upper division Language Development class of about 75 students. This was going great – cute videos of babies and little kids talking can get any class off to a good start, especially when one of those kids is the instructor’s VERY OWN KID – and I’d given them a head’s up that I might end class early, because, you know, pneumonia. And oh boy, did I ever end class early. I mean, I made through 60 minutes, and then BAM. Nasty/scary coughing fit, the sort where you’re gasping and your face turns red and your eyes water and you’re crying and you almost throw up. In front of my class of 75. I couldn’t even squeak out the words “we’re ending class now”, so just skipped to the last slide instead. They got it. They were all very sweet to me on their way out (I was still coughing – it took 15 minutes for this to settle down). I made it back to my office feeling completely and utterly battered.

Then we got a phone call from M’s school. She had a fever, so we had to go pick her up. I’d had a feeling that might happen. I convinced A that we should take her to the pediatrician – my mama instincts were telling me that this was beyond “just a cold” for her, too. And I was right. Baby’s got her first ear infection. My poor bug! I think making it 26mos without one is pretty good, though! I had another brutal coughing fit on our way out of the pediatrician’s office and kinda freaked everyone there out. Oy. We are just secondary infectioned OUT in this household, and poor A is going to blow through all his sick days just taking care of M and me. Oh, life.

8 thoughts on “OMG, today was a day. [16.365]”

  1. I’m glad A can take care of you two. Hang in there! You’re a tough cookie for making it through as much of the day as you did.

    1. I’m so glad he can take care of us. I don’t know what we’d do if he had a job that doesn’t have the flexibility of his current job. It *almost* makes up for how little they pay him. (Not quite, but almost!)

    1. Yeah, definitely a sub-optimal start to the semester. I’m so glad that M hasn’t been an illness-prone kiddo. This is seriously just the second time she’s been really sick – the first time was a stomach bug a little over a year ago.

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