WIP Wednesday :: Maddy’s Blanket


I don’t know if this will become a regular thing (probably not; I’m going to be VERY busy this semester), but it’s Wednesday, and I actually have pictures of a work-in-progress, so: WIP Wednesday!

the blob.

That green blob is a blanket that I started for “the munchkin”, and then stuffed in a drawer shortly before M was born and forgot about for 2 years. I hadn’t even completed one repeat of the pattern (which is Kirsten Kapur’s Abby’s Blanket). I rediscovered it and decided it might make good car knitting for our epic roadtrip, and it did indeed – though the moments when I actually could knit in the car were limited to those when Madrigal was sleeping AND it was still light outside, so weren’t too numerous. I was able to do a bit more knitting during some of the family gatherings while were away – more eyes on M mean that mama can sometimes knit while she’s awake!

M's blanket.

The lace pattern is knit from the center out, and it’s pretty simple to memorize. I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash, and have just joined the third skein of yarn – I’m planning to finish out that skein, and then join a fourth skein in a slightly darker green for the garter edging. Perhaps I can finish it for M while it’s still cold outside!


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