sunny day [8.365]


Today was a beautiful day to be working at home. So sunny!

sunny day [8.365]

We have a lovely window in our upstairs loft area (where I keep my desk), and on the rare days when it’s actually sunny here in the winter in ROC, it lets in a lot of light! My office on campus doesn’t have a window, so I was really glad to be able to work at home today to revel in the sunshine. I got quite a bit done, but am currently banging my head against a wall trying to make my writing class work – Spring semester is an entire week shorter than Fall semester was, so I can’t possibly do all the things I did in the Fall. What to cut, how to rearrange…oy!


7 thoughts on “sunny day [8.365]

    • Winter sun is great – especially when there’s some snow on the ground. So bright! I think Rochester’s quite a bit drearier than 60/40 though – it certainly isn’t as sunny as Minnesota in the winter (though it’s also warmer, so there’s that).

  1. Kristen

    the sun does seem like such a rare treat these days – I love the weekends when I can sit and soak it all in (and the rare glimpses I catch of it during workdays!). It’s funny because my first thought was that something a week shorter would be easier to plan – but then I realized you’d still have to get the same material in so I see your point – I hope it all falls into place for you.

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