chaos [7.365]

Remember how I planned to work a whole bunch today? Well, my daughter’s school ended up closing due to the extreme windchills (though the former Minnesotan in me thinks it’s crazy to close when it’s “only” a windchill of -20F, I know it’s basically unheard of for it to get that cold here). So yeah, that work? It didn’t really get done. (I did manage to do some of it while she napped this afternoon, at least!)

chaos. [7.365]

M was in a mood today. I don’t really blame her – first she does a 2 week road trip, then she gets exactly one day back to her usual school routine before having a day off again – that’s gotta be hard on her! Plus she basically didn’t sleep last night, so we were both exhausted. Spending a full day trapped inside our house with a cranky, wild toddler after spending 2 weeks with her that involved a lot of being her backseat-buddy left me feeling a bit touched out and bonkers by the end of the day today.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s better!

4 thoughts on “chaos [7.365]”

  1. We had a rough morning for very similar reasons today. We will be back to normal tomorrow and I hope you guys are too!

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