we went to Rhinebeck.


We took a brief break from our way-too-full schedules to commune with sheep and knitter friends again this year at Rhinebeck. It’s about a 5 hour drive for us, but it’s a beautiful one! Seriously, it’s such a gorgeous drive, it almost makes up for the unpleasantness of traveling with a toddler who has decided her favorite thing to do is squeak/shriek at the top her lungs repeatedly (she sounds like a seagull!).

We stopped at “my” rest stop, and I had to take a picture:

My rest stop

My car knitting for the trip was a new hat for Maddy – exactly like the one I made for her last year, but a bit bigger:

Car knitting

It fits her perfectly!

New hat

I decided this time around to put a little mini-cable over the spot where there’d be a jog in the garter stitch, because I was never happy with that spot on the hat I made her last year. I love the way the short rows create a nice ear/neck cover without making the hat sit too low over her eyes! And of course I love the i-cord bindoff. I have a thing for i-cord, you know. One of these days, I’d like to write up a little pattern/tutorial for this hat – and maybe try to work one up in a grown-up size. We’ll see if I can ever find the time.

Madrigal had a blast at the festival, picking up and stomping on leaves and showing off her awesome babyStripes! cardigan:

Enjoying the leaves

Looking a bit skeptical.

And her baby garter rib cardigan:

Throwing leaves

Just before the Ravelry meetup at lunchtime, we had a little photosession with our REAL camera (which is actually a pretty crappy DSLR by current standards, but whatever). And of course, we brought the monster along too, just like last year.

First up, babyStripes!

Madrigal and her Monster

I seriously can’t get over how cute she is in this sweater, especially in this setting.

Maddy and the Monster

After that, we tried to take photos of Madrigal and I in our matching sweaters!

front and back :)

I ended up lightly felting my garter rib cardigan, because I’d knit it too big – I decided to knit a larger size for this second one, which I knit during pregnancy, under the (obviously false) belief that I would be larger post-pregnancy. And then I made it even bigger than I’d planned, because, well, pregnancy-brain. But it turns out that after a trip through the dryer, it’s a nice size for me, and the gentle felting left the Eco wool with an amazing feeling – it’s like a jacket now, and I adore it! And of course, it matches Miss Madrigal’s.


Of course, hers has buttons and mine doesn’t (yet). I took her to Joann with me a few weeks ago and she picked out those yellow buttons, and I have to say, I think the yellow is super cute with the blue! And M’s pretty happy with it, too:


Madrigal loved climbing on the the benches on the hill:

trying to do pullups

I just can’t get over how beautiful she is:

looking contemplative

We saw lots of friends, and lots of sheep and alpacas, and didn’t buy a single thing because we’re SO broke right now. But it was a good trip!

We ended our trip with a walk over the Hudson river…Madrigal wanted to touch the water!

touch water?

looking out on the hudson

Who knows when or if we’ll make it back to Rhinebeck – we just don’t even know where we’ll be living next year, so it’s hard to plan. We’ll see. I certainly hope it’s not our last!


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