things i make for maddy

things *we* make for maddy: a shelf!

It’s not just yarn and fabric we make things with…

A shelf for M

…we made Madrigal a custom-sized shelf for all of her things! This turned out to be quite the endeavor for us. While DIY is very appealing to me, and I’ve got the skills to make it work in terms of cooking, baking, and the fiber/fabric arts, wood and power tools are another story. I’m pretty good at dreaming things up, but actually MAKING them? Not so much.

This is a pretty simple shelf. We wanted something to fit in between the two windows in our living room, and looking online, wooden shelves of the size we’d want were pretty darned expensive. So I sketched out our plans, and we went to Lowes and picked up about $20 worth of shelving wood. Not the most amazing quality, and it was stamped and marked up, but we just sanded it as best we could, and stained and finished it as it was. It’s up on locking casters, mostly because we needed to make sure it wasn’t covering up our cold air return vent. Putting this together took us at least a month, all told, because we could really only work on it while M napped on the weekends, but hey, we got it finished!

Madrigal's shelf

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (it could definitely be better, but our skills with power tools are pretty rudimentary!), and it does exactly what we wanted it to: make it so that each of Maddy’s things has a space of its own, so that it’s easier for her to get her things and put them away by herself, like she does at her Montessori school. We’re very Montessori-oriented, in terms of our parenting (I’d be happy to talk about what that means, sometime, if anybody is interested), but the layout of our house and our limited budget, etc, has made it challenging for us to implement much in the way of a “prepared environment” for M. But we’re getting there, slowly but surely!

2 thoughts on “things *we* make for maddy: a shelf!”

  1. We have found having a “prepared environment” for Kestrel to be wonderful. Now that she’s a little older we’ve been working on “clean up” tasks and because everything has its own spot–its much easier for her and I think it helps her to have the order (It totally helps me). And it means if she wants to “play trains” all the trains are in one box, not scattered in a toy box.

  2. I totally understand where you’re coming from with the DIY thing. I have made shelves with my dad several times because he has all the equipment and knows how to use it, but to say we’ve made them “together” is kind of a stretch because mostly I watch, nod, and take a turn with the sander. Sometimes I wish I were a little more inclined to woodworking, but power tools are quite expensive and take up a lot of space, so I don’t really feel like it’s worth it.

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