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planning ahead

Madrigal has started really enjoying reading longer story books. I’ve read “The Cat in the Hat” (all 61 pages!) so many times at this point, I’m pretty sure I have it memorized. Same thing with “The Rainbow Fish”. Another favorite book is this one:

planning ahead.

“Extra Yarn” was given to Madrigal by one of my local knitting friends, for her half-birthday. These days, M will often come up to me asking for “yarn”, which I know means this book. She loves seeing all of the animals in their sweaters, especially the bear, which she finds hilarious!

The other day, I ended up on The Loopy Ewe website somehow (followed a link, I guess), and in the process realized I had some store credit that I’d forgotten about there! I haven’t been buying yarn lately (my budget is tight, my stash is kind of ridiculous, and I have so little time for knitting these days), but I’d been toying with an idea, and figured if I could use store credit, maybe I’d actually do it.

So, what you see up there, with the book, is the yarn I found that most closely reminded me of the “yarn of every color” from “Extra Yarn”. It’s Fleece Artist BFL Sock, in “Sugar Plum”:

planning ahead

I’m planning, for M’s birthday, to make her a plain stockinette sweater, like the ones in the book. I’m thinking I’ll hold the yarn double, to get nice big stitches like the ones in the book, and to get more color mottling. Or would that end up looking ugly, do you think? I suppose the only way to know is to swatch, eh?

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