I was hoping to be able to show off a nearly-finished wee wrap-sweater today, but then THIS happened last night:


I was working away at the attached i-cord edging (I love attached i-cord!), when I got ever so slightly overly enthusiastic about tightening up the working yarn. By which I mean I yanked it. And, well, if you’ve knit with LOFT, you know that yanking is a no-no. It’s just not the sort of yarn you can yank.

I broke the yarn.


I’m not mad at the yarn. Not really. I love the way LOFT is spun, and I know it requires a gentler hand than a lot of other yarns. But I needed to put this little knit in time out for awhile, because given the nature of the yarn, it sort of felted to itself as I worked the i-cord. Which means that finding live stitches to pick up from was not happening, and I was getting too frustrated to keep at it. I’m setting it aside for a few days until I have a little more patience.

Here’s a sneak peak at the design:

in progress.

It’s crumpled up (will look much nicer post-blocking) and I still need to pick up and knit the cuffs on the short sleeves, but you can get a sense for the design, at least. I hope it’s big enough! It looks so ridiculously tiny to me, but I’m used to making everything big for my giant girl, so here’s hoping I didn’t go too far overboard in the opposite direction on this sweater.

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