a swatch

I’ve tried to make a little bit of time for knitting in the evenings in the past week, and my reward is a finished swatch! This one is in Brooklyn Tweed‘s LOFT, in the color Foothills, and it features a butterfly motif from Nancy Bush’s “Knitted Lace of Estonia” book. I love looking at Estonian lace backlit against a window like this – the nupps just pop that way. I think, looking at the motif, that for the design I’m plotting, I actually want to change it up a little, to make the bottom wings stand out a bit more, but at least now I have a sense for what Loft feels like at this gauge, and what the size of the motif will be.

Did you catch that mention of a design? Yes, I’m working on something. Something small and sweet, for a very, very special little baby. No, no, I am NOT having another baby. But I know some people who are, and I love them dearly, and I will say no more about that, and just focus on the sweater for now.

I’m planning a little lightweight wrap-style sweater, suitable for a newborn (and one born at the end of summer, at that). The wrap style was something I appreciated when Madrigal was a wee little baby, easy to get on and off. The lace will be at the center front, and the entire thing will be edged in i-cord (as this swatch is. I might have a very slight obsession with i-cord at the moment. I will make no apologies for it! I-CORD FOREVER!)

Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, a little lightweight sweater. And I do mean lightweight – this LOFT yarn is light as a feather!

so light!

I absolutely adore the way the yarn blooms after a wet blocking. I knit the swatch at a somewhat loose gauge for the yarn (on size 4 needles), hoping for good drape, and that’s exactly what I got. The texture of this swatch is delightful.

Am I nuts for designing something for a baby in a yarn like LOFT? Well, if it were something for my Madrigal (who isn’t really a baby anymore!), then definitely yes – I think the yarn’s a bit too delicate to handle what my toddler would throw at it, honestly. But as layette for a little newborn, something heirloom-quality? No, I don’t think that’s crazy at all. And I hope to show you!

4 thoughts on “swatching…”

  1. Three cheers! So good to see you back in action. I love that motif and agree with you that wrap-fronts are good for babes.

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