finally, a writeup about Rhinebeck.

Well, the “Sundays are for blogging” thing hasn’t been going so well, has it? My excuse this week: I was horribly sick. I’m actually STILL horribly sick (sick as in, there just might be a bucket next to me as I type this. It is AWFUL.) I’m sick enough that I have already canceled my class for tomorrow, which is something I basically never do, but when you’ve been unable to keep anything in you for over 24 hours, teaching isn’t really in the cards. But I’m getting stir crazy from spending all this time on the couch with a bucket, so I figured I’d take advantage of having a laptop and actually post about Rhinebeck. Sorry, Rhinebeck, for sullying the post about your awesomeness with this barf-tastic introduction.

So yes, Rhinebeck. I’m so glad we were able to make it our family “vacation” again this year. Though things went right back to being rough when we got home, it was the perfect little break from it all – Madrigal slept wonderfully in the hotel room (during a break between rounds of teething, thank goodness!), the weather was lovely (if a bit too warm for actually wearing knitwear!), we got to hang out with friends on Saturday, and the scenery, as always, was gorgeous.

I didn’t actually take that many pictures, and I especially didn’t take many pictures with my “real” camera, but I’ll try to recap our Rhinebeck in a mix of Instagram shots and “real” photos. We took off Friday afternoon after picking M up from her school. I’d packed some yarn to knit a new hat for Maddy, because the one I was knitting her before, in Cork? It didn’t fit. It was a bit like a yarmulke (with a chinstrap). I started her new hat (in Malabrigo Worsted) in the car:


The drive down to Rhinebeck is so incredibly gorgeous. We go through the Catskills, and the scenery there reminds me so much of “home”, up in the Mississippi Valley in Minnesota – but the bluffs and trees are a bit different. It was a little rainy on our trip down, but that meant rainbows:

Rainbow. This is such a ridiculously gorgeous drive.

Back to the hat. I finished it in the car (turns out I can still knit very fast when I have uninterrupted knitting time!). It was just a simple top-down hat, from a made-up-in-my-head pattern to fit her head circumference, with a short-rowed garter brim that made it cover her ears without getting too close to her eyes (which she HATES), finished off with an i-cord bindoff:

New hat for Maddy (hope this one is big enough!)

Once we got to our hotel in Poughkeepsie, I tried it on her, and the fit was PERFECT:

It's perfect!!

The short rows made the back brim longer than the front, and a crocheted chain from either side lets us tie it on her head (a necessity):

From the back.

I was happy to know my girl’s head would be kept warm at the festival the next day. Turns out I needn’t have worried – it was in the 70s that Saturday! We were knitwear-free most of the day because of the warmth, but Maddy and I donned our matching sweaters to have our pictures taken by Gale Zucker and kept them on for the Ravelry meetup, where Madrigal got to meet a few of her Internet Baby Friends, including little miss Celia:

maddy meets celia

Maddy was kind of obsessed with Celia – she wanted her to come out of that stroller and PLAY! We also got to meet up with Danielle and Thom and their adorable little boy Henry (I think someone took pictures of Maddy and Henry together, but I don’t remember for sure), and spent some lovely time with Melissa and her awesome little girl Stella.

We also took some pictures of Maddy with her “included for scale” monster from her weekly photos on the benches on the hill. I had to join in the shots because Madrigal was determined to chase leaves even if it meant diving headfirst off the bench. But that’s ok, because it meant we got more pictures of us in our matching sweaters:

mama, maddy, a maple leaf, and her monster

After the meetup, we put Maddy in the stroller and rolled her around for a nap, while I knit a couple of swatches that are actually pockets for a Garter Rib sweater for Maddy:


I’m knitting hers in Cascade 220 rather than Eco+, but in the same “Summer Sky Heather” color I used for my second one. We’ll be twinsies! I’m trying err on the side of “too big” for her cardigan, since she actually outgrew her mini maple leaf cardigan before Rhinebeck (you might be able to tell what a tight fit it was in some of those photos).

We drove home on Sunday (because we needed to be back to work Monday morning), but before we got on the way, we stopped at the Walkway Over The Hudson, and took a (very long!) walk.

Walkway Over The Hudson

The weather was still warm, but it was very windy:

Walkway Over The Hudson

The scenery there was SO gorgeous. I ended up having to take Maddy out of the carrier a couple of times, because she discovered that she can pull my hair when she rides on my back. My dear girl is MIGHTY heavy to carry in arms (or on your back, for that matter, at least for the nearly 4 miles we walked that morning)

Walkway Over The Hudson

But at least she’s cute!!

I started knitting Maddy’s Garter Rib cardigan on the way home in the car, and have already finished the lower body and half of one sleeve (maybe one of these days I’ll manage to get in-progress pictures):

Knitting away on M's sweater. Car trips = good for knitting!

Once we were home, it was back to the grind – poor sleep because of some new teeth, and a newfound ability to not just walk, but RUN. Maddy’s such an amazing kiddo. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since I first got to meet my baby girl. We had so much fun bringing her with us to Rhinebeck and I’m excited about the trips our little family of three will take together as time goes on.

5 thoughts on “finally, a writeup about Rhinebeck.”

  1. You are so right – travelling together as a family is one of life’s good things (at least, in my experience). I’m glad you got to enjoy such a great trip! Feel better soon :). (Also, I just discovered Instagram myself and am charmed.)

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