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happy halloween from maddySMASH!

Thank you, everyone, for your kind and compassionate comments on my previous post. I’m still having a rough time, but Rhinebeck was a wonderful (if far too brief) break from it all, and I’ll put together a little post about it at some point soon. For now, Miss Madrigal would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween in the guise of her superhero alter-ego, maddySMASH!:


We’ve jokingly called her maddySMASH! for a long time – our girl definitely loves to hit, bang, and otherwise impose her will upon anything she finds (and she’s got the size and determination to impose it HARD). But it turns out that maddySMASH!, while fond of smashing, is not so fond of masks:


I made the mask for her out of a square of black wool felt I’ve had sitting around forever, along with scraps of the bright colored rainbow felt that I made her nursery pennants out of, some bright green wool to stitch it all together, and a bit of neon puff paint for added superhero style:

maddySMASH mask in progress

We were big on the handmade, slightly unusual costumes growing up, and hope to be able to continue the tradition with Madrigal. So far, we’re off to an ok start! I should’ve guessed a mask wouldn’t be the best thing to try to get her to wear, though, but it was worth a try.

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween, and to those of you who were hit hard by Sandy, I send all my good thoughts to you.

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