Almost finished.

A rare mid-week post from me, but I’m so excited I can’t help but share:

[76.???] finished!

Having my in-laws visit this past weekend gave me a lot more time than I’d normally have for knitting, and it paid off! After finishing Maddy’s Vahtralehekesed, I turned my attention to the shawl collar of my second Garter Rib Cardigan, and was able to bind off late Sunday night! I still need to block it, and find appropriate buttons, but I’m already in love with it.

Next up, of course, is finding some time to sit and work through the pattern/tutorial I’m writing for this sweater. I started it AGES ago (along with the first Garter Rib Cardigan), but time’s gotten away from me. I’m hoping to get the pattern/tutorial to test knitters within the next couple weeks, and would love to get the pattern released before Madrigal’s first birthday!

Here’s something I’d love y’all’s help with: “Garter Rib Cardigan”, while quite descriptive, is also VERY VERY BORING. I’d love to have a better name for the pattern, but I’m kind of terrible at coming up with pattern names, so I’d love to hear suggestions!

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