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things i make for maddy: baby maple leaf cardigan!

I finished Maddy’s cardigan, which I will for now call “Vahtralehekesed” (thanks to Katrin for the translation of “baby maple leaves” on one of my previous posts!):


It fits (but without much room for growth), so she’ll almost certainly be wearing this at Rhinebeck! I’m really pleased with how well it worked out, especially since I was doing some serious “flying by the seat of my pants” for that yoke.

maddy and mama

I put on my Vahtralehed sweater yesterday so that we could take pictures in our matching sweaters. I am just so tickled by how well her sweater works with mine, and I can’t wait to show them off together in a couple weeks at Rhinebeck!

maddy in Vahtralehekesed

We tried to get some good photos of the sweater on Madrigal, but she was rather uncooperative, so I’m afraid I can’t really show you much of the yoke. You can see a little bit of the “helicopter” pattern in that picture above, but not really. Maybe someday I’ll get pictures of the fronts and the rest of the yoke!


But for now, we’ll have to settle for pictures of the back with that big maple leaf in the middle. I’m so glad it worked out to start the maple leaf before the yoke – I just love having that motif centered on the back of her sweater just like it is on mine.

Now that I know she’ll have a sweater to wear at Rhinebeck, I’ve returned my attention to the second Garter Rib cardigan (and the pattern/tutorial I’m trying to write for it). I’m almost finished with that shawl collar now, so expect to see finished photos soon! And then, a baby version for my M. Such fun!

4 thoughts on “things i make for maddy: baby maple leaf cardigan!”

    1. Yes, I do plan on it! It might take me awhile to work out the math/charts/shaping for the yoke in a non “fly by the seat of your pants” sort of way, though. (Plus I still have several other patterns to write up, too – omg, why do I try to design things while also doing the work-at-home mama thing while also teaching and writing a dissertation? Because I’m crazy, that’s why!)



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