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happy halloween from maddySMASH!

Thank you, everyone, for your kind and compassionate comments on my previous post. I'm still having a rough time, but Rhinebeck was a wonderful (if far too brief) break from it all, and I'll put together a little post about it at some point soon. For now, Miss Madrigal would like to wish you all… Continue reading happy halloween from maddySMASH!


a hat, and hard things.

I started a hat: It's a larger version of the Aviatrix hat that I knit for M last winter, in some leftover Rowan Cork I had laying around in my stash. Gosh, that was a really nice yarn. Too bad it was discontinued (although the clearance sales associated with said discontinuation were the only reason… Continue reading a hat, and hard things.

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things i make for maddy: baby maple leaf cardigan!

I finished Maddy's cardigan, which I will for now call "Vahtralehekesed" (thanks to Katrin for the translation of "baby maple leaves" on one of my previous posts!): It fits (but without much room for growth), so she'll almost certainly be wearing this at Rhinebeck! I'm really pleased with how well it worked out, especially since… Continue reading things i make for maddy: baby maple leaf cardigan!