sundays are for blogging?

I’ve got to come up with some sort of rhythm and routine for writing here, or else I’m just never going to do it now that I’m back to teaching and am just so busy all of the time. So I’m thinking I’ll try to post on Sundays. You might remember that I previously declared Sundays to be a “secular sabbath” with no Internet at all, which would seem to preclude blogging, but here’s the thing: I actually got what I wanted out of that exercise already. I’m not mindlessly online anywhere near as much as I used to be. So I’m ok with having some online time every day, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand (and if it does, I’ll go back to the “no Internet” thing). Just by virtue of how our lives work now that Madrigal’s in morning daycare and both of us are working outside of the home, our weekends end up being focused on making food and spending time together as a family, which is really what I want.

pile o'knitting

So anyway, knitting. I’m sneaking in time for it as much as I can, but it’s tough. I’m now knitting sleeve number two for Maddy’s Rhinebeck sweater:

sleeve #2

I cast on for the sweater without a really clear plan in mind for what to do at the yoke. I knew I wanted to place a maple leaf at the center back, and that this would mean starting the leaf motif before the join (since the motif is taller than the yoke depth), and I decided I’d just figure something out for the rest of the yoke. I played around with a few things until settling on this:

maple "helicopters"

In case it’s not immediately obvious what that motif is supposed to be evoking, those are supposed to be maple seed “helicopters”. I’ve always been charmed by those things, and it seemed like the perfect companion to the maple leaf on a baby version of the sweater. Here it is with some backlighting:

[66.???] maple "helicopters"

(The one on the right got a little wonky because I messed it up while swatching late at night. I’ll be more careful with the actual sweater!)

You’ll also notice that the motif incorporates decreases that I’m hoping (if my math works) will take care of the yoke shaping on the sweater. It is actually very tricky to figure out how to do shaping with such large motifs on such a small sweater, and my poor sleep-deprived brain is struggling mightily with it! Here’s hoping it all works out, though, and Maddy can have a beautiful little sweater to wear when we go to visit our knitter friends at Rhinebeck in a few weeks!

two favorite toys

Madrigal wishes you all a happy autumn! Hooray for cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and an approaching first birthday!

3 thoughts on “sundays are for blogging?”

  1. Very cute! We have a giant maple in the back yard that dumps millions of those helicopters in the gutters every spring…so I admit I find them quite annoying in real life, but the knitted motif is really very charming!

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