showing off…

…my progress on Maddy’s mini-Vahtralehed, and my new haircut, too:

progress on mini-vahtralehed

I really need to come up with a better name than “mini-Vahtralehed” for this cardigan. I should look up what “sapling” is in Estonian – that’d probably be a cute name for a diminutive version of Vahtralehed, yeah?

Knitting a baby sweater at 6sts/inch turns out to be about like knitting a grown-up (me-sized) sweater at my usual 4.5 or 4sts/inch. Considering how little knitting time I can eke out of a day these days, I’m making good progress, but oy, Rhinebeck is feeling awfully close! And I’d like to make Maddy a new hat and mittens before then, too, in case it’s cold enough to warrant them. Oh, knitting time, I wish I had more of you.

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